Body and Mind Self Awareness Group

Do you feel disconnected from yourself, others, life? Does this affect your engagement in your daily experiences and the quality of your social relationships? If so, this practical and experiential group could assist you in providing awareness of how your rational and emotional systems function together and how the mind-body connection plays out in practice by re-experiencing some of your chosen reality in the group.

The ultimate aim of the group is

Awareness of:

  • Your body responses and processes, including feelings, desires and urges to act and your thoughts and thinking patterns, and then crucially how these two relate to each other.
  • How the mind-body connection is being expressed.
  • How your body responds to your thinking, and how the feelings in your body condition your thoughts.

Who can attend?

Any adult who has experienced depression, mood related condition or stress.

How will it work?

There will be 6 participants in the group and a respectful and supportive environment To ensure a positive experience for all, we ask that:

  • Participants have respect for each other’s time by being punctual, arriving and finishing the meeting on time, as well as allowing all group members time to share, if they wish. The meetings last 90 minutes.
  • To be tolerant and respectful of one another and acknowledge differing opinions.
  • To be mindful that everyone attending has the opportunity to contribute but no-one
    will ever be forced to do so.

The group will be run by Jacqueline Butler, an experienced movement psychotherapy practitioner Call 07960793670 or Email:


Ellesmere Clinic, High Barnet, EN5 2HX

Tuesday evenings 6.30 – 8pm


£710 for 90 min weekly sessions for 8 weeks, payable in advance
Pre-commitment required: One session of 30 min (£40) to assess needs and suitability.

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Telephone: 07960 793 670


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