Staff Wellbeing

Having a responsible, empowered and mentally and physically well workforce reflects in the service provision, performance and success of the business / service.

Reflexive practice, coaching and mental and physical wellbeing are important aspects for both the team and the individual:

  • Debrief and reflect with other team members in reflexive practice sessions, will lead to improving collaboration in the team, to shared problem solving and identifying where performance and be improved.
  • Team and individual goal setting, coaching and leadership skills training which will promote taking of responsibility and a pro-active approach which gives a sense of agency.
  • Improve mental and physical health for individual members of staff and the team will help to avoid stress and burnout and days lost in sickness.

A programme can be designed to suit your organisation’s needs.  From experience, implementation of the above services are on an ongoing basis or at regular frequency over a period of time.

Contact me to discuss how this training could benefit your organization.